we're in the house that can't be beat

When I finally found out the sample that Quiet Village Project used on "Can't Be Beat," I was floored. Yeah, I knew that part of the whole balearic/tropicalidisco was about sloooowing records down and sampling them, but taking a 134 bpm track like "The Days of Pearly Spencer" and transforming it into a track like "Can't Be Beat" is...well, something else. An entirely new track-- just listen to the original.

Trademark- The Days of Pearly Spencer

Next up, some great Moroder-style disco-- mix is coming soon! Was too busy this weekend doing Ableton sets, recovering, dancing to insane gay disco sets, and recovering. Almost done is a nice and easy, nostalgia-filled house trip for ya.


burning it

Today, a submission from Huge Tert, a reader and producer from Southern Brasil. I don't usually post ambient, chill-out style stuff on here, but this track is really quite gorgeous. Coming in at 79 bpm, the piano and string loops are harmonic in a most epic fashion, the percussive elements are spare but just present enough, and the vocal samples juxtapose nicely with the rest of the track. Also really like the low bass rumble that comes in after the "don't be wasting all your money" sample. Thanks for sending this to me, Hugo!

Hugo Tert- Irritante (Waste of Money)

Tomorrow, I'm tempted to post something from my record collection again, so it might happen. Also, get ready for the new record from Lindstrom, as it is an astounding, epic summer album that is really killing me right now. Can't wait to interview him next week!



So, after spending some time with the mix I was going to give you today, further tweaking and so on, I decided that I needed to scrap it altogether. Certain transitions were gorgeous while others felt clunky, and it was a bit too much of a mixture of different styles to really feel coherent to me. I've started working on a new one, though, and that one will be up this Sunday-- I promise.

Instead, today I'm letting a monster out-- "Bahia (Party Swing)," a track from the Bahia 12" by Italoboyz vs. John Coltrane. Taking a classic of Coltrane's, adding killer deep kicks, looping the most iconic piano section of the track, and transitioning between the original and their reworking with much psychedelic aplomb, Italoboyz have created a truly minimal house piece that could feel right at home next to slower Detroit jams or some of the other stuff from across the pond. A great record that all who enjoy house, but especially those who enjoy jazzy and raw, piano-driven house. Highly recommended! (And yes, it does sound a bit dirty, but that actually is pretty much the way the track sounds!).

Italoboyz vs. John Coltrane- Bahia (Party Swing)

Tomorrow, a slow-down.


epic tuesday

Only epic because of my headache, and perhaps because of the track I'm giving you today. Though it has been getting play for months in clubs and has spots on various mixes, I thought it might be nice to post Jennifer Cardini and Shonky's "Tuesday Paranoia," a somewhat dark but wonderful 125 bpm tech-house track. The synths are lush and high in the mix, and Shonky's typical syncopations and hypnotics are on prominent aural display. I wish the kicks and the low end were a little less muddy, but otherwise, this is some ill stuff that I'm sure will please anyone who has been digging TimeZero.

Jennifer Cardini & Shonky- Tuesday Paranoia

Tomorrow, that mix I've been promising, finally! Get ready for some crazy white labels and soulful house business.


in lieu

So, in lieu of a proper Sunday Mixer from myself, today I'm going to give you the first mix that changed my life. It is perhaps unnecessary to introduce the cosmic disco legend Daniele Baldelli, but for those of you who don't know, there is an informative and amazing interview with Daniel Wang available here. Once upon a time-- okay, a couple of years ago-- there was a fantastic website, only browsable using Opera, that gave the masses access to an incredible amount of mostly Italian disco and house mixes, all for free. Because of bandwidth issues, this practice stopped, but before it did, I had loaded up on Baldelli mixes. While others might praise his Baia Degli Angelli mixes, I think that the mix below-- "Etno Cosmic"-- is his best, and perhaps his most prescient. Quiet Village Project have used a few tracks on it for their own mixes and productions, and it is simply one of the most gorgeous, fluid mixes one could ever hear. At times, it almost makes one tear up in its absolute purity; needless to say, it is also highly danceable. Highly recommended!!

DJ Daniele Baldelli- Etno Cosmic

Tomorrow, something sort of new for all of you tech-heads.


perk up

Took a day off for a bit of work and figuring things out. Mix almost perfectly tweaked, and I will post that before the middle of the week! Quite tired-- walked far last night! The film was wonderful, the after-party was intimate and fun. Thanks to Matt Wolf and Felix for talking to us, and I can't wait to hear the new collection coming out in the fall, especially the unreleased stuff.


what you like and what you love

Tonight, after months of missing various screenings because of money issues and proximity issues, I'm finally going to see the Arthur Russell documentary with some friends. Anticipating needing a box of tissues and being overwhelmed by it all.

Anyway, I know I've posted lots of Arthur Russell in the past, but today I give you another one of my favorite tracks of his: "Keeping Up," taken from Another Thought. Enjoy!

Arthur Russell- Keeping Up

Tomorrow, the eighth installment of the deep movements mix series, with a mix by yours truly!


gonna steal your love

If you're unaware of the early Latin funk and disco of Barrabas, I'd suggest going over here to learn more. I first heard about Barrabas from a friend who sent me the track I'm giving you today, which includes the venerable Herbie Mann. "Hi Jack" is an early disco track that was apparently played quite often at early New York dance venues like the Loft and the Gallery, and once you hear it, you'll understand why. (Sorry about disco-heavy posts-- I've just been more into the disco as of recent).

Barrabas- Hi Jack

Tomorrow, something new, and Saturday, a bit of something special.



Today, a remix of a fine new track by Ralph Sliwinski, out now on Immigrant Industries. Birmingham's Subb-an reworks "Role of Bluffing" in a most majesterial way, adding an airy new intro, pumping up the kicks, inserting a totally ill bassline, getting some more secondary percussive elements in there, and the list goes on. He also loops the original's vocal samples to great effect, making them an integral part of the track's hypnotism, and finally, uses some marimba-esque synth sounds that always kill me. A really wonderful track that wouldn't be out of place next to Dandy Jack & the Junction SM-- for real, the sound is that lush! Immigrant is really on top of their game right now, so I highly recommend checking their stuff out.

Ralph Sliwinski- Role of Bluffing (Subb-an Remix)

Tomorrow, I just might digitize something special for you.


got my sunroof down

(painting by jason barner-rasmussen)

Today, that promised track from Theo Parrish. Taken from his Ugly Edits Volume 5, his edit of the Dells' "No Way Back" is typical Parrish style-- he takes and loops the best parts of this funky soul classic, and stretches it for miles. Best for driving, lazing about in the park, or sunning on the beach!

Theo Parrish- No Way Back (The Dells)

Next up, a 1975 disco classic one-off from Shirley & Company. I've always wanted to hear an edit of this, and very well might try my hand at it sometime soon, but until then, the original will have to do. Shirley Goodman was a soul and Christian singer whose career was over by the mid-70s, but she was persuaded to do the lead vocals on "Shame, Shame, Shame," which might very well be one of the best soul-tinged early disco tracks. Though it is veritably nowhere on the bpm scale, it is funky as hell and might have some of the most bewilderingly awesome lyrics ever. Let's hear it for Shirley! And yes, I know that this mp3 is a bit old-sounding, but hell, some tracks sound better from a dirty old 45 than any other recording medium.

Shirley & Company- Shame, Shame, Shame

Tomorrow, something new for your ears!


sunday mixer volume seven

Today, a treat in the way of a freeform live electro set, courtesy of my friend Harry Gassel, who also is the man behind eeshirtay. Harry is a playful sort of a guy, and it shows in this mix, which is full of surprises and definitely pumping enough to make you want to get out there and sweat-- my favorite point is when "Lick Shots" comes in, and the inclusion of a track by Skeletons. What electro bliss!


1. Swingtown - Steve Miller Band
2. Flott Flyt - Diskjokke
3. Computer Blue - Prince and the Revolution
4. Disco Volente (S. Leger Remix) - Ida Engberg
5. Wicked Games (Chew Fu Refix ft. Lee Majors) - Chris Isaak
6. Ask the DJ (Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal Remix) - Mr. Hudson & Library
7. Lick Shots (Chew Fu h=h fix) - Missy Elliot
8. Magpie (Morgan Geist Remix) - Abraham
9. Track 4 (I'm at the Top of the World) - Skeletons
10. Sex and Sun Part 1 (Eric Prydz mix) - Aloud
11. Lucky Star (Jax Club remix) - Basement Jaxx
12. Make it So (xxchange remix) - daedelus
13. Chant Project - Harry Gassel
14. Enseralen Gojo (Remix) - Bolo 2 Harlem
15. C'est la Vie (Martin Solveig vs Fedde le Grand) - Martin Solveig
16. Bird - the Knife

Harry Gassel- Sunday Mixer Volume 7

Tomorrow, that promised Theo Parrish track plus one more!


heat waves

Apologies for yesterday-- was settling into the new apartment, getting some shelves for my records (finally), and drinking tequila with the friends.

Today, though, I'm giving you one of best disco tracks to ever come out of my new home-- Patrick Cowley's "Sea Hunt." If you don't know about Patrick Cowley, I would suggest you go here. "Sea Hunt" is shimmering, 121 bpm track that pretty much gives credence to Cowley's legend as one of the pioneers of electronic dance music. Along with this track and "Menergy," his work with Sylvester is also tops, as I'm sure you know. I can't say much more about this track, as it is so damn good that it speaks for itself. I will say, however, that it is truly sad that Cowley left us too early, not only because of his fantastic musical skills, but also because he was one fine-looking man.

Patrick Cowley- Sea Hunt

Tomorrow, I'm thinking a classic edit from Theo Parrish.


ride ride me high

Today, a bit of a departure from normal with a rave-tastic track from Underworld, an electronic group whose music I've always respected quite a bit, but whom I've never really listened to extensively-- except, that is, for 2000's "Cowgirl." At 127 bpm, the track is a lesson in great build-ups, excellent squelchy melodies, and a feeling of openness that evokes the wide-open skies of the American west. Perfect track for sunny days, deep skies, and flinging yourself headlong into insane dancing. Can only imagine how people must have freaked out when this track first appeared on the scene, especially given Underworld's penchant for playing lots of outdoor festivals.

Underworld- Cowgirl

Tomorrow, something mellow and West Coast for your palate-- I pull into the Bay Area today!



So, before this post begins, I'd just like to mention that I've been posting sporadically because I am driving across the United States. Sometimes, at the end of the day, I just want to eat some food, drink a beer and pass out. I hope you can forgive me. (By the way, I'm moving to San Francisco, so if you're there, send me an e-mail! We'll hang).

Today, a classic Earth People track remixed by our man Kerri Chandler. The original of "Dance" uses Chic samples (from "Dance, Dance, Dance (Yowsah, Yowsah, Yowsah")) for its chorus, and so in a sense, this is reworking of more than one track. Chandler's 124.5 bpm mix is truly grooving, with nicely-padded kicks, a bouncing bass, and a sax line that might be one of the more infectious of recent memory. With nice hi-frequency synths riding over much of the track and secondary percussion that maintains the funk, it's hard to go wrong here.

Earth People- Dance (Kerri Chandler's Centro Fly Remix)

Tomorrow, something for the cowboys. Fags.

(PS-- Sorry about the Bojangles image above-- in no way is it meant to offend.)


sunday mixer volume six

The Sunday Mixer has finally returned! And what a treat we have this week-- my brother in house, Leo, has created a fantastic mix of groovin' house, or what Mr. Derrick May would call 'hi-tek soul.' An affair to remember, for sure, as Leo's ear is highly attuned and his taste is nuanced-- he just needs to invest in some decks, and he'd be made in the shade of club DJ booths all over this great land. Highly recommended with a fattie in one hand and a steering wheel in the other, or on the dance floor!

1. Blake Baxter - Brothers Gonna Work It Out
2. Shake - Happy To Be Here
3. House Proud People - Lonely Disco Dancer
4. Servo Unique - Ba' Dum Bah Da
5. Glenn Underground - 12 O'Clock Pumpkin
6. GU - Clap Yo Hands
7. Chuggles - A Dedication To Joss
8. Chez Damier - KMS 049
9. Kerri Chandler - Love Is Over
10. Joshua - Untitled
11. Holy Garage - Surprise
12. De Lite - Wild Times (Derrick May Remix)
13. E-Dancer - Pump The Move
14. Eddie Fowlkes - Understand The Groove
15. Paperclip People - Floor
16. Lil Louis - I Called U (Why'd U Fall)
17. Armando - World Unknown

DJ Leo- Deep Movements Mix 1

Tomorrow, think I might post a Kerri Chandler remix of Earth People.


swelling pole

Today, I'm giving you what might be the sexiest track that Prins Thomas has ever had a hand in producing. "Pole Vaulters Delight" is a 96 bpm slow burner with enough funkiness to be compared to the best of 70's disco-funk, replete with a breathy orgasmic female voice, horn samples, a get-low bassline and a bright guitar sound. When played at parties, this track is often the sweatiest of the night and gets the dirtiest moves on the floor. Highly recommended stuff!

Major Swellings- Pole Vaulters Delight

Tomorrow, classic house.


stringing you along

So, if you've been following the rising star of Kelley Polar, you already know that he is a classically-trained violist and composer; in fact, he graduated from my alma mater's conservatory in the mid-90s, along with Morgan Geist and other luminaries of the electronic music scene. Today, a track from an early record, and this one is a killer-- "Maurizio" is, in essence, a disco version of a piece by Ravel. The strings are luscious and lovely as usual, the drum programming is well-paced, and the synths are a wonderful harmonic compliment to the strings. A truly stellar track from one of the more original artists working in electronic dance music today.

Kelley Polar Quartet- Maurizio

Tomorrow, a disco burner from Prins Thomas' alter ego, Major Swellings.


bless the darkness

Today, a new-ish track from the mysterious Profile25, whose new EP on Chris Fortier's Fade Records imprint is an elegant masterpiece of lush, dark techno. "G" is a 128 bpm piece that might never work on the typical dance-floor, but certainly will worm its way into your skull. With synth pads reminiscent of the sort used by many artists on Marc Romboy's Systematic label, a come-hither bass-line, and hi-frequency flourishes and washes, this is a techno track for listening and daydreaming, perhaps of summer rain in the city, or hurricanes in the tropics, or approaching a dark wood. Good stuff!

Profile25- G

Tomorrow, a little-heard track from the Kelley Polar Quintet!


dance and enjoy

Today, some new Latino minimal for your ears. Felipe Venegas is a native of Chile, and unlike some other much-hyped new artists coming from the area, it seems like he actually can compete with his countrymen, Luciano and Villalobos. His debut EP, out now on Immigrant Industries, is three tracks of bouncy, percussive techno that is certainly influenced by the demi-gods mentioned above, but has its own flavor and playfulness. The title track, "Pa Bailar y Pa Gozar," comes in at a healthy 127 bpm, and is so multi-textured that it is difficult to know how to describe. Heavily bouncing pads, writhing bass, excellent hand-claps, complex secondary percussive syncopations, and synth swells make up the first four minutes of the track. Then, with some piano stabs, the track explodes at about the four-minute mark with horn-like, carnivalesque synths and a twisted vocal sample. Further tweaks to the vocal line, even more secondary percussive elements, and a satisfying ending make this one of my favorite techno tracks of the year thus far. Could definitely imagine Ricardo or Luciano throwing this into a set, and I'm certain that the track will be ringing throughout the summer festival season. Highly recommended!

Felipe Venegas- Pa Bailar y Pa Gozar

Tomorrow, some more exciting new techno!


back with a vengeance

HEY! I have arrived again. Sorry about the long wait-- I was too busy graduating from college, seeing Kelley Polar and Morgan Geist play live, record-shopping with the latter in Cleveland, DJing dance parties, being with friends, getting sloppy, moving out of my apartment, getting ready to move to San Francisco, and so on. Been a very busy time. But for your patience, I'm giving you two wonderful treats today, both of them not readily available elsewhere.

The first is pretty self-explanatory: Lee "Scratch" Perry, a very high king among kings in the world of music, is working on a new album. The infamous Andrew W.K. is producing this album. A pretty much unseen video produced for the Pitchfork juggernaut came my way, and it is featured in its entirety below, minus the dumb-ass intro that Pfork puts in the version on their beta site of Pitchfork.tv. Not only is it incredibly funny, but it seems like it might actually be an interesting album. So, get ready for some illegal dub-reggae action courtesy of my lovely anonymous sources.

Jesus Christ Will Be Here With a Rainbow: Lee "Scratch" Perry and Andrew W.K.

Secondly, though I have posted many remixes by 7ev3 in the past month, his remix of Dead or Alive's "You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)" is too good to not share, though it should be noted that it comes at the apex of a mix-- just imagine a DJ building up to this track, and you sort of have an idea of why I'm posting it.

Dead or Alive- You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (7ev3 Remix)

Tomorrow, a surprise!