sunday mixer volume seven

Today, a treat in the way of a freeform live electro set, courtesy of my friend Harry Gassel, who also is the man behind eeshirtay. Harry is a playful sort of a guy, and it shows in this mix, which is full of surprises and definitely pumping enough to make you want to get out there and sweat-- my favorite point is when "Lick Shots" comes in, and the inclusion of a track by Skeletons. What electro bliss!


1. Swingtown - Steve Miller Band
2. Flott Flyt - Diskjokke
3. Computer Blue - Prince and the Revolution
4. Disco Volente (S. Leger Remix) - Ida Engberg
5. Wicked Games (Chew Fu Refix ft. Lee Majors) - Chris Isaak
6. Ask the DJ (Sinden & Count of Monte Cristal Remix) - Mr. Hudson & Library
7. Lick Shots (Chew Fu h=h fix) - Missy Elliot
8. Magpie (Morgan Geist Remix) - Abraham
9. Track 4 (I'm at the Top of the World) - Skeletons
10. Sex and Sun Part 1 (Eric Prydz mix) - Aloud
11. Lucky Star (Jax Club remix) - Basement Jaxx
12. Make it So (xxchange remix) - daedelus
13. Chant Project - Harry Gassel
14. Enseralen Gojo (Remix) - Bolo 2 Harlem
15. C'est la Vie (Martin Solveig vs Fedde le Grand) - Martin Solveig
16. Bird - the Knife

Harry Gassel- Sunday Mixer Volume 7

Tomorrow, that promised Theo Parrish track plus one more!


cz said...

Man what a let down. You should really differentiate between electro and electro-house. Two completely different things. There sure isn't any electro on here. I got all excited when you said electro mix and then i scrolled down and was like oh, no.

trees said...

oh, well... i actually hate most electro-house AND electro, so i don't differentiate. either way, it's all more electro than what i normally post, so i say electro. but it is a really good mix! check it.