got my sunroof down

(painting by jason barner-rasmussen)

Today, that promised track from Theo Parrish. Taken from his Ugly Edits Volume 5, his edit of the Dells' "No Way Back" is typical Parrish style-- he takes and loops the best parts of this funky soul classic, and stretches it for miles. Best for driving, lazing about in the park, or sunning on the beach!

Theo Parrish- No Way Back (The Dells)

Next up, a 1975 disco classic one-off from Shirley & Company. I've always wanted to hear an edit of this, and very well might try my hand at it sometime soon, but until then, the original will have to do. Shirley Goodman was a soul and Christian singer whose career was over by the mid-70s, but she was persuaded to do the lead vocals on "Shame, Shame, Shame," which might very well be one of the best soul-tinged early disco tracks. Though it is veritably nowhere on the bpm scale, it is funky as hell and might have some of the most bewilderingly awesome lyrics ever. Let's hear it for Shirley! And yes, I know that this mp3 is a bit old-sounding, but hell, some tracks sound better from a dirty old 45 than any other recording medium.

Shirley & Company- Shame, Shame, Shame

Tomorrow, something new for your ears!


matt said...

Excellent selections today. I hope your move went well.

....the bPm is.... said...

damn... yhe link for no way back expired... n chance you can re-upload?