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So, in lieu of a proper Sunday Mixer from myself, today I'm going to give you the first mix that changed my life. It is perhaps unnecessary to introduce the cosmic disco legend Daniele Baldelli, but for those of you who don't know, there is an informative and amazing interview with Daniel Wang available here. Once upon a time-- okay, a couple of years ago-- there was a fantastic website, only browsable using Opera, that gave the masses access to an incredible amount of mostly Italian disco and house mixes, all for free. Because of bandwidth issues, this practice stopped, but before it did, I had loaded up on Baldelli mixes. While others might praise his Baia Degli Angelli mixes, I think that the mix below-- "Etno Cosmic"-- is his best, and perhaps his most prescient. Quiet Village Project have used a few tracks on it for their own mixes and productions, and it is simply one of the most gorgeous, fluid mixes one could ever hear. At times, it almost makes one tear up in its absolute purity; needless to say, it is also highly danceable. Highly recommended!!

DJ Daniele Baldelli- Etno Cosmic

Tomorrow, something sort of new for all of you tech-heads.


Darcy @ darcemac@yahoo.com.au said...

This link has expired, is there any where I can get this again.
I had originally downloaded it,
absolutely loved it but lost it. damn.

love your site by the way.

doogle (sneakyzero @ hotmail . com) said...

love your site!

^like the post above i would like to know where i can find this mix. baldelli's mixes blow my mind.

is that website you were speaking of no longer operating?