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Today, some new Latino minimal for your ears. Felipe Venegas is a native of Chile, and unlike some other much-hyped new artists coming from the area, it seems like he actually can compete with his countrymen, Luciano and Villalobos. His debut EP, out now on Immigrant Industries, is three tracks of bouncy, percussive techno that is certainly influenced by the demi-gods mentioned above, but has its own flavor and playfulness. The title track, "Pa Bailar y Pa Gozar," comes in at a healthy 127 bpm, and is so multi-textured that it is difficult to know how to describe. Heavily bouncing pads, writhing bass, excellent hand-claps, complex secondary percussive syncopations, and synth swells make up the first four minutes of the track. Then, with some piano stabs, the track explodes at about the four-minute mark with horn-like, carnivalesque synths and a twisted vocal sample. Further tweaks to the vocal line, even more secondary percussive elements, and a satisfying ending make this one of my favorite techno tracks of the year thus far. Could definitely imagine Ricardo or Luciano throwing this into a set, and I'm certain that the track will be ringing throughout the summer festival season. Highly recommended!

Felipe Venegas- Pa Bailar y Pa Gozar

Tomorrow, some more exciting new techno!

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