we're in the house that can't be beat

When I finally found out the sample that Quiet Village Project used on "Can't Be Beat," I was floored. Yeah, I knew that part of the whole balearic/tropicalidisco was about sloooowing records down and sampling them, but taking a 134 bpm track like "The Days of Pearly Spencer" and transforming it into a track like "Can't Be Beat" is...well, something else. An entirely new track-- just listen to the original.

Trademark- The Days of Pearly Spencer

Next up, some great Moroder-style disco-- mix is coming soon! Was too busy this weekend doing Ableton sets, recovering, dancing to insane gay disco sets, and recovering. Almost done is a nice and easy, nostalgia-filled house trip for ya.


dan visel said...

Probably you know this, but there's a cover of the Trademark track by The Modernist called "Pearly Spencer" on Kompakt Total 7 - not really a cover, just the lines "the days of Pearly Spencer / the race is almost run" repeated, maybe the original is sampled?

Anonymous said...

pearly spencer reminds me of marc almond...