burning it

Today, a submission from Huge Tert, a reader and producer from Southern Brasil. I don't usually post ambient, chill-out style stuff on here, but this track is really quite gorgeous. Coming in at 79 bpm, the piano and string loops are harmonic in a most epic fashion, the percussive elements are spare but just present enough, and the vocal samples juxtapose nicely with the rest of the track. Also really like the low bass rumble that comes in after the "don't be wasting all your money" sample. Thanks for sending this to me, Hugo!

Hugo Tert- Irritante (Waste of Money)

Tomorrow, I'm tempted to post something from my record collection again, so it might happen. Also, get ready for the new record from Lindstrom, as it is an astounding, epic summer album that is really killing me right now. Can't wait to interview him next week!


tert said...

tnx for posting it and for the words, great to be here.

f/ brasil

Sven said...

Good Job! :)