Today, a remix of a fine new track by Ralph Sliwinski, out now on Immigrant Industries. Birmingham's Subb-an reworks "Role of Bluffing" in a most majesterial way, adding an airy new intro, pumping up the kicks, inserting a totally ill bassline, getting some more secondary percussive elements in there, and the list goes on. He also loops the original's vocal samples to great effect, making them an integral part of the track's hypnotism, and finally, uses some marimba-esque synth sounds that always kill me. A really wonderful track that wouldn't be out of place next to Dandy Jack & the Junction SM-- for real, the sound is that lush! Immigrant is really on top of their game right now, so I highly recommend checking their stuff out.

Ralph Sliwinski- Role of Bluffing (Subb-an Remix)

Tomorrow, I just might digitize something special for you.

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