bless the darkness

Today, a new-ish track from the mysterious Profile25, whose new EP on Chris Fortier's Fade Records imprint is an elegant masterpiece of lush, dark techno. "G" is a 128 bpm piece that might never work on the typical dance-floor, but certainly will worm its way into your skull. With synth pads reminiscent of the sort used by many artists on Marc Romboy's Systematic label, a come-hither bass-line, and hi-frequency flourishes and washes, this is a techno track for listening and daydreaming, perhaps of summer rain in the city, or hurricanes in the tropics, or approaching a dark wood. Good stuff!

Profile25- G

Tomorrow, a little-heard track from the Kelley Polar Quintet!


cz said...

On beatport I've had my ear on track D from the profile25 ep for a few days now. Thanks for posting this. I don't understand why you say it wouldn't work on a dancefloor, it's pretty standard progressive house/minimal techno crossover material, which is still all the rage. I think I do prefer track D after having listened to both side by side again.

trees said...

just a note-- i did mean 'typical' dancefloor. this stuff isn't peaked/valleyed enough to work in a lot of the more mainstream places in the states, at least to my ear. perhaps in more underground scenes and in europe, it would work as a nice interlude between more prominent tracks, but i'm pretty sure most stateside crowds would be pretty non-plussed if this was inserted into a set. that is just my opinion and observation, though.