heat waves

Apologies for yesterday-- was settling into the new apartment, getting some shelves for my records (finally), and drinking tequila with the friends.

Today, though, I'm giving you one of best disco tracks to ever come out of my new home-- Patrick Cowley's "Sea Hunt." If you don't know about Patrick Cowley, I would suggest you go here. "Sea Hunt" is shimmering, 121 bpm track that pretty much gives credence to Cowley's legend as one of the pioneers of electronic dance music. Along with this track and "Menergy," his work with Sylvester is also tops, as I'm sure you know. I can't say much more about this track, as it is so damn good that it speaks for itself. I will say, however, that it is truly sad that Cowley left us too early, not only because of his fantastic musical skills, but also because he was one fine-looking man.

Patrick Cowley- Sea Hunt

Tomorrow, I'm thinking a classic edit from Theo Parrish.

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