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Today, a bit of a departure from normal with a rave-tastic track from Underworld, an electronic group whose music I've always respected quite a bit, but whom I've never really listened to extensively-- except, that is, for 2000's "Cowgirl." At 127 bpm, the track is a lesson in great build-ups, excellent squelchy melodies, and a feeling of openness that evokes the wide-open skies of the American west. Perfect track for sunny days, deep skies, and flinging yourself headlong into insane dancing. Can only imagine how people must have freaked out when this track first appeared on the scene, especially given Underworld's penchant for playing lots of outdoor festivals.

Underworld- Cowgirl

Tomorrow, something mellow and West Coast for your palate-- I pull into the Bay Area today!

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Anonymous said...

I just saw Underworld last weekend at a festival on the banks of Loch Ness, and yes, 'Cowgirl' had the scots going wild :-)