sunday mixer volume six

The Sunday Mixer has finally returned! And what a treat we have this week-- my brother in house, Leo, has created a fantastic mix of groovin' house, or what Mr. Derrick May would call 'hi-tek soul.' An affair to remember, for sure, as Leo's ear is highly attuned and his taste is nuanced-- he just needs to invest in some decks, and he'd be made in the shade of club DJ booths all over this great land. Highly recommended with a fattie in one hand and a steering wheel in the other, or on the dance floor!

1. Blake Baxter - Brothers Gonna Work It Out
2. Shake - Happy To Be Here
3. House Proud People - Lonely Disco Dancer
4. Servo Unique - Ba' Dum Bah Da
5. Glenn Underground - 12 O'Clock Pumpkin
6. GU - Clap Yo Hands
7. Chuggles - A Dedication To Joss
8. Chez Damier - KMS 049
9. Kerri Chandler - Love Is Over
10. Joshua - Untitled
11. Holy Garage - Surprise
12. De Lite - Wild Times (Derrick May Remix)
13. E-Dancer - Pump The Move
14. Eddie Fowlkes - Understand The Groove
15. Paperclip People - Floor
16. Lil Louis - I Called U (Why'd U Fall)
17. Armando - World Unknown

DJ Leo- Deep Movements Mix 1

Tomorrow, think I might post a Kerri Chandler remix of Earth People.

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The Double K said...

Hey just found your blog (while checking if anyone else has posted Quetzal recently... you got there before me back in April, but what the hell I posted it again anyway).

Looks like I missed a bunch of good stuff already! The tracklist for this mix is killer... just d/ling it now, thanks!