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Usually, I don't post non-electronic contemporary classical on the blog, but today I'm making an exception. David Lang, a composer as well as a founding member of Bang on a Can, won a Pulitzer in 2008 for his work entitled The Little Match Girl Passion. The piece takes the format of Bach's St. Matthew Passion, but "intersperses Andersen’s narrative with [his] versions of the crowd and character responses from Bach’s Passion."

The result, performed by Theatre of Voices led by Paul Hillier, is a gorgeous, deeply sad meditation on death, charity, and transfiguration. I cannot help but want to listen to this piece over and over again, its layers so many, its counterpoint so graceful...it is really quite something. Below is the last 'section.' Do enjoy, and thanks to friend Peter for playing this on his radio show and bringing it to my attention.

Theatre of Voices, Paul Hillier- The Little Match Girl Passion: We Sit And Cry

Imagine a techno ReComposure of that!



The fourth installment of Dam-Funk's 5-LP debut Toeachizown drops October 20 on Stone Throw, and the theme for the latest chapter is 'hood,' music of the street corners and boulevards of Southern California. "Hood Pass Intact" features a deep, one-note bass pulse, a dreamy bell-synth loop, and the gauzy boogie synths that Dam is known for. Add some gunshot sounds and the high frequency hip-hop squelch endemic to LA, and you have a perfect piece for cruising through the hood. The man just keeps getting hotter.

Dam-Funk- Hood Pass Intact

Going classical tomorrow.

the tension

Recently got a piece from Lot49 label head and tech-funk producer Meat Katie. Though I've been a bit 'meh' on his productions in the past, "Tension" is a really slamming piece of tech-house. Featuring chunky handclaps, a funky bounce of a bass-line, and some nice mid-frequencies coming in and out, this is prime for the apex of the night. Paired with some actually unplayed diva vocal samples and hi-frequency washes, it is a perfect example of how tech-house can actually be emotionally resonant while maintaining its dancefloor efficacy. Culled from the upcoming The Tension EP.

Meat Katie- Tension

Later today (I promise!) some other new stuff.


Realized the other day that I've never posted a track by Paul Randolph, the neo-soul crooner and bassist who has put out records on KDJ's label, worked with Jazzanova, and generally been a supporter of funky underground music for years. Today, I give you "Break By Stone," a jammer with a killer bass-line, a nice house shuffle, and some positive vocals to keep your spirits up. Recorded under his last name, this is a great tune from a great musician.

Randolph- Break By Stone

Next post, something new and wonky.


Sorry about the lack of posts this past week— I moved to beautiful new place in West Oakland, and needless to say, moving is always more trying than one expects.

Today, though, marks my 25th birthday. I'm not going to elaborate as to why I'm posting the track below, except to say that it feels appropriate.

Kate Bush- Sunset

Tomorrow, something more techno-tinged. Have a good one!