passion close at hand

Today, a classic Euro-Disco track from Space, who are apparently still doing live performances in former Soviet bloc countries, much like other Italo and Euro acts of the late 70s and early 80s. "Save Your Love For Me" clocks in at about 133 bpm, and has much in common with Moroder's sound of the time-- arpeggiations galore, thick kicks, and sweetly sentimental harmonies. What differentiates it, though, is that Madeline Bell has a set of pipes that could blow Donna Summer out of the water on most days-- soul, range and great glissandos. Thanks to Leo for giving me this record a while back-- thoroughly enjoyable disco sounds.

Space- Save Your Love For Me

Also, if you're in the Bay Area, it would behoove you to go to Manquake tonight at the Gang Way. DJ Bus Station John has the best disco record collection in the city, and it is guaranteed to be a hugely fun and hugely gay time.


lift me up

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday-- was out of the house most of the day. But you luck out, as I'm posting two tracks today!

First up is a garage house track from 2001 by Marty Thomas. Released on the infamous West End Records, "Resurrect Me (Lift Me Up)" is an excellent piece of soulful, near-gospel house, and Tom Moulton's remixing capabilities improve on the original. The kicks are deep, the organ provides great backing atmosphere, the piano selections punctuate just the right moments, and the bass is a wobbling, syncopated wonder of a thing. Finally, it is impossible not to mention Thomas' absolutely astounding pipes-- he sounds as if he is singing for his very life, and his range is among the more impressive I've heard from a male pop singer. Kind of gospel, kind of gay, kind of garage, the track is exceptional, and at 128 bpm, can be worked into many different types of sets.

Marty Thomas- Resurrect Me (Lift Me Up) (A Tom Moulton Mix)

Next up, a 2005 white label release from two masters of the remix, Whiplash & Turner. The club mix of "Whatcha Doing to Me" is one of the most slamming house tracks I've heard in recent memory, and though it has a bit of a progressive vibe, it is a truly awesome party anthem-- when I spin this, people completely lose their shit. With great loops and samples of Michael Jackson, ferocious kicks, terrific melodic sampling, and two elegantly unsubtle peak moments, "Whatcha Doing to Me" is one of those tracks that worms its way into your bones. Great stuff!

Whiplash & Turner- Whatcha Doing to Me (Club Mix)

Tomorrow, something a bit slower and deeper to ease you into the weekend.


just wait and see

Today, a very special treat. A couple of months back, I went to a record store in Cleveland, and though a lot of stuff they had was utter garbage, their selection of disco and house edits was magnificent. What did I find, you ask? Well, a truly amazing edit of Bill Withers' "Lovely Day." I listened to it every morning for the next month, and it has found a spot in my heart as one of my favorite edits of the year.

The K2 Edits 'illegal' label, run by house producer Chris Clayton, has scored big with edits of Jill Scott and the Rolling Stones, among others, but there's nothing that compares to the edit of "Lovely Day." The soulful R&B of the original is pumped up to 122 bpm, the strings are sampled mightily, and the nice-and-airy organ line is kept intact, as is the bouncing bass-line. The female vocals of the original-- those that intone that "it's gonna be a lovely day, just wait and see"-- are looped to maximum efficacy, and of course, Wither's vocal line comes in at just the right moment, when the listener is beginning to wonder whether it will ever come in. I can't get enough of this track, and hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Highly recommended.

Bill Withers- Lovely Day (K2 Edit)

Tomorrow, some more digitized vinyl goodness for you!


lover boy

Last night, Steve Bug made his first appearance in San Francisco in over seven years. For a guy who goes to Miami and New York quite a bit, I found this fact quite surprising-- you'd think a gay house icon like Bug would love to play to crowds out here. Unfortunately, I missed his set because I was at an Audrey Hepburn/Cary Grant- themed dinner party, but I'm certain it was an awesome time.

So, without further ado, I give you a version of Bug's classic, "Lover Boy," that Bug re-worked himself. With the original's same deep kicks but with more acid flair on both the low and high ends, the version below is a bit more Detroit and jacking than the original. The ominous piano loop of the original is made even more ferocious and pitched up a bit, and the vocal sample follows suit, sounding more androgynous than in the original. An old classic that I hadn't thought of for a while, I'm glad that Bug's appearance brought it into my mind again, even though I had to miss his appearance.

Steve Bug- Lover Boy (Re-Worked by Steve Bug)


ancient forest

Today, a bit of summer bliss from our man Stacy Kidd. "Ancient Forest," from a 2004 release on Kenlou, has an almost yacht-pop like feel, featuring the jazzy vocal stylings of Matthew Yates and Indian prayers courtesy of Indian Crew. The 119-bpm piece utilizes a smooth, rolling bass-line, a healthy dose of rollicking piano chord work, and some truly excellent Indian-tinged percussion. Finally, the samples of forest creatures round out the track to create a serene, relaxing atmospheric that fits right in with these late summer days. Highly recommended!

Stacy Kidd featuring Indian Crew- Ancient Forest

Tomorrow, some new jams.


making love forever

Two tracks today, since I flaked out on yesterday's post. Both of these came to me by way of my friend Leo's abiding obsession with Ron Trent and Chez Damier.

First, we have what might be my favorite Ron Trent track, "Making Love." Taken from his Afterlife 12" of 1990, the piece contains everything I love about Chicago house-- deep kicks, lush and harmonically-gorgeous mid-level synths, and a bass-line that propels everything forward quite nicely. The track's main melodic line is simply bewitching, and the drum programming is brilliantly crisp, with some of the best-sounding hand-claps my ears have ever been graced with. Finally, the fact that "Making Love" ends with a lovely slowdown is indicative that the title is well-chosen. A classic!

Ron Trent- Making Love

Next up, "Forever," by Classic Vol. 1, aka the producing duo of Chez Damier and Stacey Pullen. Everything about the track is perfect, from the three-note, lush main melodic synth line to the more hi-frequency, almost-acidy harmonic lines; from the bass-line that you think will never come in and then does to the deep kicks and crisp hi-hats. Another winner from the mid-west!

Classic Vol. 1- Forever

Think I'm heading to the first night of a new monthly dance party this evening, so I'll probably be getting some inspiration from that for tomorrow's post!


lovely death

Today, a reader submission that fits in quite nicely with much of what I've been listening to this summer. James Kent, who operates under the name of Confab, has crafted a smooth, deep house tune that would could fit right in with some slower Abacus tracks, and definitely would be welcome next to one of Julien Jabre's slower, loungier pieces. A lush, Chicago synth line flows throughout "Muerta Amour (Love Mix)," and it is punctuated by an excellent ascending horn sample, a soulful vocal loop, and hi-frequency harmonic flourishes every couple of measures. The percussion, with its deep kicks and crisp conga sounds, is quite something, too, and would mix quite well with other slower, deeper Chicago or French house tracks. Let's hope Confab continues to bring lovely sounds to our ears-- he could be at the advent of a new deep, loungey house era!

Confab- Muerta Amour (Love Mix)

Tomorrow, a Ron Trent joint that I've been rocking quite a bit, thanks to my man, Leo.


push them together

This summer, many good friends of mine from college have been living out in Oakland, and today, the last of them left the Bay Area. We've had many amazing times with each other, and though there's no doubt we'll see each other again, I will miss them.

So, today I give you a wall-of-sound cover of a favorite late-night, post-party track, "Always Forever" by Donna Lewis. SFIAS and the Anchorites make some gorgeous noise. Taken from this compilation. For the orphans and mah boobs, you know who you are.

SFIAS and the Anchorites- Love You Always Forever (Donna Lewis)

Next post on Sunday!


lakes and love

Today, a 1995 classic Detroit techno jam from 4th Wave, aka Steve Paton. From his first release on Planet E, "Electroluv" begins as a nice, dry acid track with excellent percussive flourishes, then slowly turns into a synth-drenched, lush musical landscape filled with hi-frequency harmonies, siren-like punctuations, and a low rumble that is barely noticeable upon first listen. One of those tracks that is always on my iPod, I'm surprised that I haven't posted this before-- it is a real treasure of the second wave of Detroit techno, and should be rocked hard!

4th Wave- Electroluv

Tomorrow, might post something a bit noisy.


when we melt

Perhaps it is simply because Luomo has a new album out, or perhaps it is because some of my younger friends have just gotten into him, but either way, I have been listening to Sasu Ripatti's music quite a bit recently. It is refreshing to revisit old musical loves and find that they can still move you.

The AGF/Vladislav Delay Edit of Luomo's "Melt" is one of those tracks that I always held up as an example of the man's best work. The nicely-processed and sampled tenor voice, the guitar snippets, and the lush chords are all exemplary, and the track's dubby ending is quite a pleasing touch. Finally, the super-sexual nature of the lyrics allows the track to seem that much more perfect for a good roll in the hay. Amazing stuff from the man of many names!

Luomo- Melt (AGF/Vladislav Delay Edit)

Tomorrow? Tomorrow.



Today, a new joint from Athens' Mr. Statik. "Panoflutamin" is a deep tech-house track with a jazzy bent-- the vibes on the track are rich and wet, and the utilization of the saxophone is perhaps the best since Son of Raw's "A Black Man in Space," from earlier this year. The 126-bpm track also has excellent, deep kicks and some of the crispest hi-hats I've heard in a while. Finally, it is impossible not to mention the marimba-like hits that pace throughout the track, propelling it quite nicely. On Immigrant Industries, who've really been stepping up as of late!

Mr. Statik- Panoflutamin

Tomorrow, an unsung classic from a character I've been revisiting as of recent: Luomo.


the ectstatic

You are speeding along the Pacific coast. Early evening sun silvers the water. Minilogue's "The Girl from Botany Bay" comes on the stereo.


Minilogue- The Girl from Botany Bay

Tomorrow, a more lengthy post about some ill new stuff.



Crazy night! No time! Next post on Monday!



summing up

Today, a classic Italo track from the short-lived early 80's group, Electric Mind. "Summing Up" is 112-bpm piece with excellent percussive elements (including some very pronounced hand-claps), vocal harmonies galore, lyrics that make little to no sense, and a feel that is celebratory and quite funky. Jazzy piano lines come in here and there, and it is also worth mentioning that there are barely-detectable whistles that make their way into the mix at certain points. Finally, the main synth line is so damn catchy that you'll be trying to get this ear-worm out for days.

Electric Mind- Summing Up

Tomorrow, a bit of something from Boredoms, as I am going to Boadrum in L.A. this weekend!


rain on

Since the summer in San Francisco seems to not be as rain-friendly as I'm used to, I've been thinking wistfully of the tremendous summer thunderstorms back east. I've also been listening to a fair amount of non-dance music recently, and one of the more amazing pieces has come at me from my good friend and electronic musician, Ami Dang.

Ami is classically trained in North Indian vocal and sitar practices, and is also a graduate of Oberlin's well-known TIMARA program. She combines her expertise in both the classical Indian and electronic music fields to create truly arresting pieces of beauty and mystery. "And This One Will Blow Your Way, Let It Rain On You" is taken from her most recent release, a tour-only CD entitled Because You Rained On Me. I cannot begin to describe the track-- it is so immense that it defies description. However, know that it has soaring vocals, a beguiling loop, and synth punctuations. Highly recommended!

Ami Dang- And This One Will Blow Your Way, Let It Rain On You

Also, perhaps it is worth mentioning that my friend/collaborator Leo, Ami and I used to be in an experimental group together. We even opened for Excepter! An mp3 of one of our performances can be found here (direct link).

Tomorrow, something a bit more dance-oriented for you.



Today, a treat from Wackie's, the history of which you can check out here. "Mystic Dub," taken from African Roots Act 2, is a perfect example of deep, affecting dub music. The mids are low in the mix, the bass is rumbling, and the hi frequencies are crisp and almost stabbing. Perfect delays and reverbs, perfect EQs, perfect track. Been rocking this a lot recently while working!

African Roots Act 2- Mystic Dub

Surprises come to those who wait... tomorrow.


return of the sunday mixer

Finally, the mixer has returned, this time with an exclusive mix from 7ev3, aka Severiano Martinez, whose remixes are well-known to many of you. The 43-minute long mix is full of twists and turns, with sounds ranging from shimmering ambient to slamming techno, dark electro-house to Chicago worship. An excellent, engaging mix that is sure to get your blood pumping.

The "PsychoSexualis" mix contains tracks by the following artists:
- Chris Liebing
- Green Velvet
- Booka Shade
- Alex Smoke
- Black Dice
- The Knife
- Juan MacLean
- Alan Vega
- Chelonis R. Jones

And there are lots more where that came from. Highly recommended!! And for more information on Seve's productions and projects, along with lots of other great music, check out Shinkoyo.

7ev3- PsychoSexualis Mix

Tomorrow, let's get dubbed.


black on black

Tonight, I go to see Juan Atkins spin at the Elbo Room.


That concludes today's post.

Model 500- Night Drive

Watch out for tomorrow.