3 Teens Kill 4 were a post-punk band based on the Lower East Side in the 1980's, perhaps best-known for including among their members one of my favorite artists and writers, David Wojnarowicz. (I like him so much that I got a small part of one of his pieces, "Fuck You Faggot Fucker," tattooed on my ribcage, which you can see above). The band is amazingly prescient sonically and politically, and their album No Motive is a must for any fan of post-punk or music by illustrious fags. Below is a track about Ronald Reagan getting shot, but not dying, called "Tell Me Something Good," which riffs in a fun way on the original. Enjoy.

3 Teens Kill 4- Tell Me Something Good


i don't know what this world

Terre Taemlitz is a gender outlaw, theorist, and electronic music producer. There's a lot to read, so it would make sense for you to just search around.

An album under a moniker of DJ Sprinkles came out a while back.

DJ Sprinkles- Sisters, I Don't Know What This World Is Coming To

All I will say is that Thaemlitz mixed Midtown 120 Blues very low, so that the only way this track (or any others on the album) will come across full throttle is if you TURN IT UP FUCKIN LOUD.

I wrote this about the record a few months ago: it really isn't a house record, but an electronic treatise on house music, a music that has been co-opted in the worst way, driven away from its queer origins into a space of almost total consumption of garbage. Obviously, many DJs and producers are making amazing sounds...but those that I admire are pretty few and far between. Just wait for my end of year lists....



Whateva whateva whateva you say whateva whateva whateva.


Ralph Falcon feat. Alex K. & Alan T.- Whateva (Tom Stephan Works The Whateva Remix)

(I know, a bit gay electro house, but it has bitchy charm).


i never want to fall in love

Disco legend and gay icon Patrick Cowley has seen a renaissance recently, with much credit going to the boys of Honey Soundsystem for helping to bring collaborative tapes between Cowley and Jorge Socarras to light. Catholic is an amazing album, filled with disco-punk energy, meditative and emotional synth-based tracks, and vocals that often recall a gayer Ian Curtis. Today, I'm giving you a piece that is more post-punk than disco, and sort of sums up my state of mind quite often, though I tend to fall in love quite easily....

Patrick Cowley & Jorge Socarras- I Never Want To Fall In Love

Do go buy the album— it is a real treat.


never this again

I've had a headache all day for reasons beyond my comprehension, and this song has been making me really emotional.

Here's the original:

And here's the edit with an actual video featuring a truly hot model.

Sort of like slow-motion Scandinavian disco with Dave Gahan making us all cry. Totally amazing, I think. Check out the download over at XLR8R in a few days.


When freedom is in hiding from morality
when you've finally scrubbed this great land clean
of those values you hold in such high esteem
when you've finally divorced the numbers from the names
we can return to your good old days bound and gagged by sex and race
chained by family crazed by god while we while we

raise the flag shout down the past the stars and stripes stream by at half mast
your eyes well up with tears and yeah so do mine

I never knew
the high price of hypocrisy so pledge allegiance to the death penalty
believe in your drug war bow down to the tv set
you need to cultivate that apathy that swells inside your threat

raise the flag shout down the past your stars and stripes stream by at half mast
your eyes well up with tears and yeah so do mine

half mast dehumanized
half mast divided
half mast overloaded
half mast who the fuck cares

so long as you can sleep well under the iron fist.

Born Against- Half Mast


cum togetha

There's so much going on tonight! The Norma Cole & John Sakkis reading at SPT, the big queer party at YBCA, and a truly exciting night at the Bersa Discos party monster known as Tormenta Tropical.

First things first— L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok are DJing tonight upstairs at the Elbo Room, and given the fact that I am usually averse to newer dubstep and bass-driven sounds, my excitement about these two is noteworthy. Check out the video for L-Vis 1990's "Come Together" below— it is sick sick sick.

At YBCA, there'll be dancing, drinking, and great performances. I'm planning on being there for Tim Miller's piece— part comedian, part incisive commentator on issues of being queer in the US, he's really quite something. Check out the amazing video below.

Finally, I'm getting really excited about the upcoming album from the UK's Trus'me, which features collaborations with some favorites of mine: Amp Fiddler, Dam-Funk, and Paul Randolph, among others. Just listen to the samples on his myspace linked above— this is killer deep house that isn't faking. Here's a piece from his latest EP, $tilnocheck. It's already been featured prominently on some mixes recently, and its popularity makes sense: "Good God" has a lovely Detroit feeling that is much tighter and infinitely less lazy than what many European producers are pushing these days. Check it.

Trus'me- Good God

Tomorrow, some hardcore...


rash decision

So, Ian Loveday died this past July. RIP. Until today, I had forgotten about this amazing track that he did under the R. Rash moniker called "Smokin Jakkit," which Luciano remixed in 2004. Check out the original below— totally slamming, no?

Downloads resume tomorrow!


all leather dreams

Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing All Leather play at local punk bar Thee Parkside. Though I'm usually not too into anything associated with the electro-shite monstrosity known as Steve Aoki, I really dig All Leather, which features members of the Locust, the Crimson Curse, ex-members of Some Girls, as well as a load of other bands. Like a queer Suicide for the 21st century is how I'd describe the sound— venom, drum machines, noisy frenetic guitars, etc. Check out the SPA remix of "Please Jesus, Send Me Someone to Fuck" below, as well as the video for "I Don't Hate Fags, God Does."

All Leather- Please Jesus, Send Me Someone to Fuck (SPA 1995 Remix)

Next up is a track from the lovely Daniel Wang. "Like Some Dream I Can't Stop Dreaming" is one of those tracks that uses old samples in a fashion that is so exemplary that it is almost magisterial. With the vocal loop coming from Sleeque and the instrumental bit coming from Eddy Rosemond's "Funk It," this is a disco track made in 1993 that sounds a hell of a lot older. Turning this up in a car is almost religious, especially when the drum break comes in...

Daniel Wang- Like Some Dream I Can't Stop Dreaming


late night jam

Against my better judgment, I'm posting this ill jam by Levon Vincent. It's too bad that so many of the techno parties in San Francisco are full of shit people, but I guess this is true of any club...I think the last time that I had fun at a techno night was when Kendig did his last night at Honey Soundsystem's weekly party. But then again, I licked Beth Ditto's arm that night, so it had to be good.

Anyway, "Late Night Jam" makes me want to get much drunker than I am now. And slamdance. With you.

Levon Vincent- Late Night Jam

From Ostgut Tontrager's Panoramabar 02 Pt. II.



Azari & III's "Reckless (With Your Love)" is my jam right now. Sounding like a lost gem of early Chicago house, this track is perfect... It also speaks to certain contradictions of being queer. But figure that out for yourself, and listen!

Azari & III- Reckless (With Your Love)

On the always excellent Permanent Vacation label out of Munich.


i'm baaaaack

Okay, I could go on an on about the last couple of weeks. Instead, I'll do a list:

1) I've been writing for school, XLR8R, and a few other places. Thesis hell, but it's good times.
2) I've been having LOTS OF CRAZY FUN. And sex.
3) For a while, I've felt that I need this to be even more...attuned to my interests. After mulling things over, I've decided to keep doing the blog, but in a much less 'music critic' fashion, since I do enough of that already. This is going to be more about my musical interests, favorites, and whatever.

So without further ado....

Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live were a seminal queercore band from Bellingham, WA, whose sound can be best described as 'experimental.' I mean, they had a fucking violinist, their shows were bloody and sweaty and full of sex, and their sound is just pummeling. When I was 13, they were my favorite band. Somehow, twelve years later, they've come to be one of my favorite bands again. "Lewd Lewd Lewd" is the fourth track from their only LP, I Am That Great And Fiery Force, a 22-song album that clocks in at a little less than 20 minutes. It is a gem, and well worth downloading in entirety from this fine blog. For now, I give you that fourth track, which starts with one of my favorite samples of all time.

Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live- Lewd Lewd Lewd

And on a completely different note, the Japanese masters of awesome known as Force of Nature did a remix/edit of Diana Ross and the Supremes' "I'm Coming Out," which is really quite nice. Always forget how much I truly dig Diana's vocals, and the reverbed handclaps and deep kicks that FoN put on here makes this a real treat. Also worth mentioning is that one half of FoN, KZA, has a new album out, and it is totally amazing. One of the best of the year, for sure. Check it, spread it.

Diana Ross & the Supremes- I'm Coming Out (Force of Nature Remix)

Thanks to Sergio from the GO BANG! parties for giving me the heads up on that slice.

Some more eclecticism tomorrow....for reals!