when we melt

Perhaps it is simply because Luomo has a new album out, or perhaps it is because some of my younger friends have just gotten into him, but either way, I have been listening to Sasu Ripatti's music quite a bit recently. It is refreshing to revisit old musical loves and find that they can still move you.

The AGF/Vladislav Delay Edit of Luomo's "Melt" is one of those tracks that I always held up as an example of the man's best work. The nicely-processed and sampled tenor voice, the guitar snippets, and the lush chords are all exemplary, and the track's dubby ending is quite a pleasing touch. Finally, the super-sexual nature of the lyrics allows the track to seem that much more perfect for a good roll in the hay. Amazing stuff from the man of many names!

Luomo- Melt (AGF/Vladislav Delay Edit)

Tomorrow? Tomorrow.