lift me up

Sorry about the lack of a post yesterday-- was out of the house most of the day. But you luck out, as I'm posting two tracks today!

First up is a garage house track from 2001 by Marty Thomas. Released on the infamous West End Records, "Resurrect Me (Lift Me Up)" is an excellent piece of soulful, near-gospel house, and Tom Moulton's remixing capabilities improve on the original. The kicks are deep, the organ provides great backing atmosphere, the piano selections punctuate just the right moments, and the bass is a wobbling, syncopated wonder of a thing. Finally, it is impossible not to mention Thomas' absolutely astounding pipes-- he sounds as if he is singing for his very life, and his range is among the more impressive I've heard from a male pop singer. Kind of gospel, kind of gay, kind of garage, the track is exceptional, and at 128 bpm, can be worked into many different types of sets.

Marty Thomas- Resurrect Me (Lift Me Up) (A Tom Moulton Mix)

Next up, a 2005 white label release from two masters of the remix, Whiplash & Turner. The club mix of "Whatcha Doing to Me" is one of the most slamming house tracks I've heard in recent memory, and though it has a bit of a progressive vibe, it is a truly awesome party anthem-- when I spin this, people completely lose their shit. With great loops and samples of Michael Jackson, ferocious kicks, terrific melodic sampling, and two elegantly unsubtle peak moments, "Whatcha Doing to Me" is one of those tracks that worms its way into your bones. Great stuff!

Whiplash & Turner- Whatcha Doing to Me (Club Mix)

Tomorrow, something a bit slower and deeper to ease you into the weekend.