making love forever

Two tracks today, since I flaked out on yesterday's post. Both of these came to me by way of my friend Leo's abiding obsession with Ron Trent and Chez Damier.

First, we have what might be my favorite Ron Trent track, "Making Love." Taken from his Afterlife 12" of 1990, the piece contains everything I love about Chicago house-- deep kicks, lush and harmonically-gorgeous mid-level synths, and a bass-line that propels everything forward quite nicely. The track's main melodic line is simply bewitching, and the drum programming is brilliantly crisp, with some of the best-sounding hand-claps my ears have ever been graced with. Finally, the fact that "Making Love" ends with a lovely slowdown is indicative that the title is well-chosen. A classic!

Ron Trent- Making Love

Next up, "Forever," by Classic Vol. 1, aka the producing duo of Chez Damier and Stacey Pullen. Everything about the track is perfect, from the three-note, lush main melodic synth line to the more hi-frequency, almost-acidy harmonic lines; from the bass-line that you think will never come in and then does to the deep kicks and crisp hi-hats. Another winner from the mid-west!

Classic Vol. 1- Forever

Think I'm heading to the first night of a new monthly dance party this evening, so I'll probably be getting some inspiration from that for tomorrow's post!