lovely death

Today, a reader submission that fits in quite nicely with much of what I've been listening to this summer. James Kent, who operates under the name of Confab, has crafted a smooth, deep house tune that would could fit right in with some slower Abacus tracks, and definitely would be welcome next to one of Julien Jabre's slower, loungier pieces. A lush, Chicago synth line flows throughout "Muerta Amour (Love Mix)," and it is punctuated by an excellent ascending horn sample, a soulful vocal loop, and hi-frequency harmonic flourishes every couple of measures. The percussion, with its deep kicks and crisp conga sounds, is quite something, too, and would mix quite well with other slower, deeper Chicago or French house tracks. Let's hope Confab continues to bring lovely sounds to our ears-- he could be at the advent of a new deep, loungey house era!

Confab- Muerta Amour (Love Mix)

Tomorrow, a Ron Trent joint that I've been rocking quite a bit, thanks to my man, Leo.