rain on

Since the summer in San Francisco seems to not be as rain-friendly as I'm used to, I've been thinking wistfully of the tremendous summer thunderstorms back east. I've also been listening to a fair amount of non-dance music recently, and one of the more amazing pieces has come at me from my good friend and electronic musician, Ami Dang.

Ami is classically trained in North Indian vocal and sitar practices, and is also a graduate of Oberlin's well-known TIMARA program. She combines her expertise in both the classical Indian and electronic music fields to create truly arresting pieces of beauty and mystery. "And This One Will Blow Your Way, Let It Rain On You" is taken from her most recent release, a tour-only CD entitled Because You Rained On Me. I cannot begin to describe the track-- it is so immense that it defies description. However, know that it has soaring vocals, a beguiling loop, and synth punctuations. Highly recommended!

Ami Dang- And This One Will Blow Your Way, Let It Rain On You

Also, perhaps it is worth mentioning that my friend/collaborator Leo, Ami and I used to be in an experimental group together. We even opened for Excepter! An mp3 of one of our performances can be found here (direct link).

Tomorrow, something a bit more dance-oriented for you.