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Last week, I had the pleasure of seeing All Leather play at local punk bar Thee Parkside. Though I'm usually not too into anything associated with the electro-shite monstrosity known as Steve Aoki, I really dig All Leather, which features members of the Locust, the Crimson Curse, ex-members of Some Girls, as well as a load of other bands. Like a queer Suicide for the 21st century is how I'd describe the sound— venom, drum machines, noisy frenetic guitars, etc. Check out the SPA remix of "Please Jesus, Send Me Someone to Fuck" below, as well as the video for "I Don't Hate Fags, God Does."

All Leather- Please Jesus, Send Me Someone to Fuck (SPA 1995 Remix)

Next up is a track from the lovely Daniel Wang. "Like Some Dream I Can't Stop Dreaming" is one of those tracks that uses old samples in a fashion that is so exemplary that it is almost magisterial. With the vocal loop coming from Sleeque and the instrumental bit coming from Eddy Rosemond's "Funk It," this is a disco track made in 1993 that sounds a hell of a lot older. Turning this up in a car is almost religious, especially when the drum break comes in...

Daniel Wang- Like Some Dream I Can't Stop Dreaming

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