i'm baaaaack

Okay, I could go on an on about the last couple of weeks. Instead, I'll do a list:

1) I've been writing for school, XLR8R, and a few other places. Thesis hell, but it's good times.
2) I've been having LOTS OF CRAZY FUN. And sex.
3) For a while, I've felt that I need this to be even more...attuned to my interests. After mulling things over, I've decided to keep doing the blog, but in a much less 'music critic' fashion, since I do enough of that already. This is going to be more about my musical interests, favorites, and whatever.

So without further ado....

Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live were a seminal queercore band from Bellingham, WA, whose sound can be best described as 'experimental.' I mean, they had a fucking violinist, their shows were bloody and sweaty and full of sex, and their sound is just pummeling. When I was 13, they were my favorite band. Somehow, twelve years later, they've come to be one of my favorite bands again. "Lewd Lewd Lewd" is the fourth track from their only LP, I Am That Great And Fiery Force, a 22-song album that clocks in at a little less than 20 minutes. It is a gem, and well worth downloading in entirety from this fine blog. For now, I give you that fourth track, which starts with one of my favorite samples of all time.

Behead the Prophet No Lord Shall Live- Lewd Lewd Lewd

And on a completely different note, the Japanese masters of awesome known as Force of Nature did a remix/edit of Diana Ross and the Supremes' "I'm Coming Out," which is really quite nice. Always forget how much I truly dig Diana's vocals, and the reverbed handclaps and deep kicks that FoN put on here makes this a real treat. Also worth mentioning is that one half of FoN, KZA, has a new album out, and it is totally amazing. One of the best of the year, for sure. Check it, spread it.

Diana Ross & the Supremes- I'm Coming Out (Force of Nature Remix)

Thanks to Sergio from the GO BANG! parties for giving me the heads up on that slice.

Some more eclecticism tomorrow....for reals!

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