i don't know what this world

Terre Taemlitz is a gender outlaw, theorist, and electronic music producer. There's a lot to read, so it would make sense for you to just search around.

An album under a moniker of DJ Sprinkles came out a while back.

DJ Sprinkles- Sisters, I Don't Know What This World Is Coming To

All I will say is that Thaemlitz mixed Midtown 120 Blues very low, so that the only way this track (or any others on the album) will come across full throttle is if you TURN IT UP FUCKIN LOUD.

I wrote this about the record a few months ago: it really isn't a house record, but an electronic treatise on house music, a music that has been co-opted in the worst way, driven away from its queer origins into a space of almost total consumption of garbage. Obviously, many DJs and producers are making amazing sounds...but those that I admire are pretty few and far between. Just wait for my end of year lists....

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