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There's so much going on tonight! The Norma Cole & John Sakkis reading at SPT, the big queer party at YBCA, and a truly exciting night at the Bersa Discos party monster known as Tormenta Tropical.

First things first— L-Vis 1990 and Bok Bok are DJing tonight upstairs at the Elbo Room, and given the fact that I am usually averse to newer dubstep and bass-driven sounds, my excitement about these two is noteworthy. Check out the video for L-Vis 1990's "Come Together" below— it is sick sick sick.

At YBCA, there'll be dancing, drinking, and great performances. I'm planning on being there for Tim Miller's piece— part comedian, part incisive commentator on issues of being queer in the US, he's really quite something. Check out the amazing video below.

Finally, I'm getting really excited about the upcoming album from the UK's Trus'me, which features collaborations with some favorites of mine: Amp Fiddler, Dam-Funk, and Paul Randolph, among others. Just listen to the samples on his myspace linked above— this is killer deep house that isn't faking. Here's a piece from his latest EP, $tilnocheck. It's already been featured prominently on some mixes recently, and its popularity makes sense: "Good God" has a lovely Detroit feeling that is much tighter and infinitely less lazy than what many European producers are pushing these days. Check it.

Trus'me- Good God

Tomorrow, some hardcore...

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