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Every couple of months, something in my head clicks and I get really into Kompakt-style minimal and hard acid techno again. Not that I ever really got out of it, but sometimes, its hardness and lack of 'soul' goovin' aren't my cup of tea. This time around, I've been pumping a lot of older Reinhard Voigt tracks and Jurgen Paape slices...

Taken from Kompakt's Speicher 13, "Protekt" wouldn't be out of place on a mix from one of the Underground Resistance crew, what with its acidy melodic lines, hard dry kicks, and punctuating stabs. And with a nicely-synced bass throb, mixing this with some Dopplereffekt is also highly recommended...hearing "Cellular Phone" slowly creep in during this piece is some ace shit.

Reinhard Voigt- Protekt

Jurgen Paape's "Take This" is from 2007, but sounds like it could be from minimal's early days, its simply harsh melodic line and two-note bassline providing a steely backbone to intrusions from bells, echoey brass. Truly excellent panning work begs that this piece be blasted on a loud, multi-channel system. Taken from Kompakt's Speicher 45.

Jurgen Paape- Take This

Okay, tomorrow, some hispanic punk and some queercore. Get yr fuckin' rocks off.

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Anonymous said...

Sick!! Love these tracks