leopard sun

All right, I'm an asshole, haven't had the time to digitize the queercore, so let's just hold off on that 'til later in the week. Tight? Tight.

Instead, another blast from the past: Double Leopards! One of those legendary noise bands lost to the sands of time, there was a point some years ago when I was talking with Mike Bernstein, one of the group's members, about playing a show in the noise chapel in Ohio. Unfortunately, Double Leopards went kaput before that could happen...

Nonetheless, their discography shows a breadth of sounds and approaches to sonics that would make a lot of noise groups blush. From hallucinogenic sine-wave madness to guitar-based emotional drones, the 'Leopards were among the most-played groups on my old radio show, Melting Glaciers of the Synapses, which I hosted with treasured friend and associate P. Corwin Lamm. I miss those heady days.

Without further ado, tho, here are some tracks for your ears...

Double Leopards- Glissando Harmonization of the Skeletal Remains of Stalin (from The Axe Helve LP)

Double Leopards- Meadow Phantasm (from the Soulless Dust, Speed, and Strength CDr)

Double Leopards- Daughter + Sun (from the Circa 1999-2001 CDr)

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