Been getting a lot of goodies in the box during the past two weeks of illness, so before I start today's post in earnest, would just like to mention that the upcoming Tanlines EP on True Panther is really something, as is the upcoming Santiago Salazar joint on Aaron-Carl's Wallshaker Music. Lastly, the final effort from one of Oakland's finest groups, Gowns, is up for FREE DOWNLOAD here. It is a lovely 17-minute dirge, well worth your time.

Ah, and a new crew! Boston's White Haus Family Record will be releasing a split between that city's Truman Peyote and Many Mansions in March. The former's "Kartwheels" is a shimmering slice of shiny beats, echo-chamber vocals, crisp guitars, and a lengthy, loop-driven intro that hypnotizes the more one listens to it. Totally in line with some of the stuff coming from friends in NYC, it's nice to see that Boston has something going for it after a long drought!

Truman Peyote- Kartwheels

Tomorrow, punk scum....

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