good cop bad cop

Another weekend, another hit to my brain and liver...

But that's besides the point. Today, I'm offering up an awesome track from one of my favorite Philly hardcore bands. Kill the Man Who Questions was one of the most unapologetically political, amazingly thrashing bands of the late '90s. A KTMWQ live set was always bound to turn into a circle-pit of cute sweaty crusty boys and grrls screaming along to all the lyrics, with Pat's Iron Maiden-like guitar shredding and the dueling yells of Mike and Nikki leading the sonic assault. To boot, the band-members whose whereabouts I know of are fucking awesome people. (Andrew is still playing in xLIMP WRISTx, FYI).

So here's "Good Cop, Bad Cop," which "is about being fed shit for entertainment and still being happy to wait in line to pay for more of it. This is about what's on your TV, what's on your radio, what's in your magazines and your movies. The Romans had a saying about keeping the unruly masses in line. Give them Bread and a Circus and they won't raise a fuss. Today, our bellies are full and our eyes and ears are busy, but our heads are fucking empty. So stay tuned, coming soon, after the break,...etc."

Kill the Man Who Questions- Good Cop, Bad Cop

House tomorrow.

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