covered in white

In 2006, my old experimental electronics group opened for Excepter, whom I'd booked at the Oberlin College club. In the haze of the next day— the Excepter dudes know how to party— my friends and I realized that one of them had left a backpack with an amazing iPod inside of it. Needless to say, we ripped a lot of stuff off of the iPod, sent it back to its owner, and the whole thing seemed to be over.

Then, in 2008 (or 2009?), I got a note from the guy whose iPod had been left behind, and it turned out we were both living in the Bay Area. Now, that guy (Mr. Girardin to you) does this amazing one-man project called Jaws. While sometimes similar to early Excepter tracks in terms of the density of sound, there's something infinitely more troubling, paranoid, and awesomely confrontational about the early Jaws output. Though he assures me that new material is more danceable and less claustrophobically great, I thought that I'd share a track from the older stuff with you today, since Jaws is performing tonight at AMNESIA, b/w 19th and 20th on Valencia in the Mission. See you there, and check out the spacey doom (and absurd panning) of the slice below.

Jaws- Covered in White

Tomorrow, some pppuuunnnkkkkkk.

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