wake and eat


Trus'Me's last album, In the Red, didn't get a whole lot of attention because of its unfortunate December 2009 release date. However, it is one of the more interesting and varied albums to come out of the past year, with amazing collaborations featuring Amp Fiddler, Dam-Funk, and others. "Sweet Mother" is sort of a perfect deep house track: nicely syncopated percussion, melancholic pianos, and some soulful male vocals riding over it. A slow burner, this one is a secret sort of earworm that'll be stuck in your ears for days...

Trus'Me- Sweet Mother

Next up, another favorite from the Philadelphia hardcore/punk scene of the mid- to late-'90s. 2.5 Children Inc. were the hardest of the West Chester/Creep Records crew, and definitely the best, in my opinion. With a sound somewhere between Poison Idea, Conflict, and Avail (weirdly enough), "Wake and Eat" was the sort of thing I put on every mixtape I made for every friend for about five years. Get at it.

2.5 Children Inc.- Wake and Eat


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