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Much talk has been made in recent months of the Meanderthals collaboration between the amazing Idjut Boys and disco stalwart Rune Lindbaek. The three have collaborated before on this awesome 12" among others, and the Meanderthals album, Desire Lines, does not fail to please.

"Collective Fetish" is among the more ponderous, balearic tunes on the album, but also the most groovy and atmospheric. The bass-line throbs, washed-out reverby slide guitars harmonize above lazy chord strums, and dubby moments of delay make for a hazy, warm feeling. Congas provide the percussion, and occasional growling synth murmurings make for some great summer listening. In some ways, "Collective Fetish" sounds a bit like if Talk Talk had made a lyric-less dub album in their later years, and I mean that in a most positive way. So, escape to the islands in your mind (or the real ones a short drive away, location depending) and dig some good vibes from three masters. On Smalltown Supersound, and most definitely worth your purchase.

Meanderthals- Collective Fetish

Tomorrow, a bit about New York.

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