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It is relatively easy to understand how Henrik Schwarz has become a favored producer over the past years-- his work is without genre, in some ways, spanning the limits of house, techno, minimal as well as world music. It is perhaps in this latter category that Schwarz has made much of his reputation, remixing and collaborating with artists and musics from such far-flung places as South Africa (Amampondo & Culoe de Song), the far north (Mari Boine), and finally his most recent remix of the Sheharzad collaboration between Jens Loden and Natik Awayez, a native of Pakistan. (The stunning remix of "Yalla Yalla" is most certainly worth your time and money).

It has only been recently, though, that I heard the second work in the above list, Schwarz's remix of Mari Boine's "Vuoi Vuoi Me." Boine is a member of the Saami race of people, native to such countries as Sweden, Norway and Finland, and is well-regarded for her mixing of native musics with contemporary jazz, rock and folk music. Her voice is the type of alto that sends shivers down the spine with her intonation and embellishment of the plaintive Saami vocalisations-- truly a golden tone. Hear for yourself in the video below.

Schwarz's remix utilizes Boine's unbelievable voice to its maximum, bringing in a hollow kick, tinkling percussive flourishes and lushly wintery synth melodies to back her up. Both these elements and the bass-line are Schwarzian takes on a very US-based deep house sound, more endemic to Chicago and New York than Germany or any countries of the Far North. Quite something, this track, a surefure late-night crowdpleaser as well as something to bliss out to on one's own. Possibly one of my favorites of Schwarz's remixes, which says quite a bit, as his remix-collab with Amampondo last year remains one of my favorite tracks of the past few seasons.

Mari Boine- Vuoi Vuoi Me (Henrik Schwarz Remix)

Tomorrow, something a bit spring and green.

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