he is dancing

Chris Fortier's Fade Records imprint usually deals with a more noisy, glitchy, experimental side of techno and house, so it came as a surprise that his second official release for the man known as One of Them included some deep, rolling grooves. "He is Dancing in New York" is a mid-tempo house number with wet handclaps, deep kicks, and synth syncopations that are quite nice. The melancholy, minor-key piano work that rides over everything provides an airy feel to the track, bringing to mind the early summer evening in New York, when the weather becomes bearable after a long day of garbagey heat. With a bit of Ibadan flavor bubbling throughout, "He is Dancing in New York" is certainly my favorite piece thus far from One of Them, and among the best releases on Fortier's label thus far.

One of Them- He is Dancing in New York

Seeing where tomorrow leads me-- I'll be in New York until Sunday, May 17th. Will I see any of you at the Dopplereffekt show at Le Poisson Rouge on Saturday night?

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chris said...

this is really good, thanks for putting it up