homing in

So, after a couple of lovely days in New York City (including an ultimately disappointing Dopplereffekt performance), I am heading to my alma mater, Oberlin College, for a few days. Will definitely be updating the blog and cajoling others into doing some posts as well, so keep checking back...or put us on your feed, or your Google Reader.

Today, a piece from a release that made my best-of-year list from 2008: "The Road Home" from Bvdub's Return to Tonglu. A dreamy, elegiac ambient-dub piece that is perfect for planes, trains, and coming back to a place that feels very much like home. So dig, and tomorrow, an old techno bit that will sum up a week of drunken debauchery quite nicely...before the week is even out.

Bvdub- The Road Home


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