you got the love

Sorry for the absence-- friends in town, sleeping in my bed, going out to brunch, etc. In other words, I was having fun away from the computer for a bit.

But as promised, here is a track from 1991, which features the inimitable Candi Staton and the Source on a rework/mash of Jamie Principle's "Your Love." Sent to me by a dear friend, I'd never heard this piece. Quite shocking considering my love for Staton and Jamie Principle, but wonders never cease. Though I miss the sexy gay-ness of Principle, Staton's pipes really get to me on this track-- what a lovely voice, and what a fantastic career this woman has had!

Source featuring Candi Staton- You Got the Love

Later today, something new or (perhaps_) a bit older? And the 'later today' caveat is for real!


Dave Zeman said...

Agreed the alternative...

You got the Hate...

I live to avoid.


Mathew said...

This is the song, man!
Molly has it in a locked down WMU file, I tried to break the DRM and send it to your like 18 months ago but all I could get was 30 seconds worth.

trees said...

OH!!! that is awesome, mat. glad we both have it now.