returning from the hunt

I uploaded this for a friend a couple days ago, so jump on it quickly! African Pygmy music is some of the best in the world, and definitely some of my favorite stuff to listen to. A serious jam, this one-- the rhythms make you weep.

The Ba-Benzele Pygmies- Song of rejoicing after returning from a hunt (rhythm djoboko)

More. Later.


Auz said...

reminds me of four tet's remix of Born Ruffians..just the voices

Demian said...

I really like that, i'm thinking of a more experimental detroittechno mix and i want to try to include something like this in this mix. do you have some more, similar?


trees said...

you can find a lot of this stuff at amazon for very cheap in mp3 format-- i mostly have tapes of this sort of thing. check out the Mbuti tribe's recordings on amazon, too, stuff is really bananas and almost more left-field and incantatory.