One of those producers that everyone has been talking about is the inimitable Omar-S, the grandson of Detroit techno whose "Psychotic Photosynthesis" made many 2008 best-of lists, and with good reason. Today, I'm offering up "Oasis One" from the 2004 collaboration that Omar did with Shadow Ray (under the name Oasis), a record I happened upon recently in my post-holiday shopping. A 122-bpm hypnotic monster of a track, "Oasis One" utilizes excellent minor-key progressions, echoey harmonies, some raw-ass drum programming and an astounding sense of foreboding atmospherics. The piece has enormous forward momentum, and definitely has an uncanny knack for worming its way into the listener's pysche. Omar-S has been killing it for a while, and this is yet another example of how he is ascendant to the throne of Detroit techno-- not that such hierarchical bullshit really matters! Bliss out on this tip.

Oasis- Oasis One

Tomorrow, look forward to something that came to me by way of a good friend!

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pipecock said...

i love this one! Omar-S is the man....