So, as promised, I'm giving you a track from Carl Craig, albeit a remix of the world-famous Cape Verdean chantreuse, Cesaria Evora. "Angola" is a fabulous track that shows off Craig's remixing capabilities in a more subtle realm than those you'll usually hear in a club-- the vocal loops are intense and hypnotic, Evora's rides nice and high over the rest, and the percussive elements (particularly the downright soggy handclaps) are so astoundingly well-syncopated that it is difficult not to become drunk in them. Hi-frequency pings run through the track, but mid-way, the insane synthesizers come in with an off-kilter arpeggiation, and the track becomes an African pop track in space, a veritable example of the sort of music that Sun Ra championed. One of those that's stayed with me a long time, rarely heard by a lot of Carl Craig heads.

Cesaria Evora- Angola (Carl Craig Remix)

Tomorrow, something plane-worthy, since I am flying to the East Coast for a few weeks tomorrow!


rutger6 said...

what a track

BreadCity said...

hey holler when you get to nyc!


pipecock said...

this one kills it for me every time i play it. i had to buy another copy of the 12" because i play my first one so much and if something were to happen to it, i would be in bad shape!

trees said...

killer stuff, yes! glad all approve.