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So, I promised DJ Bus Station John that I wouldn't post a certain track that he dropped last night at Aunt Charlie's, though I am way too tempted to do so-- it is a track that I've been searching for since 2006, when I heard it on an old disco/proto-house mix. But alas, you'll just have to ask me what it might be!

Instead, I give you Bobby O's biggest hit, 1982's "She Has A Way." The track uses a Moroder-style rollicking bass-line, dense synth harmonies, insane laser syncopations, and some seriously wet hand-claps. There's also the cowbell-- more than almost any other disco track, "She Has A Way" has an iconic cowbell break that is inescapable. Bobby Orlando's vocals are weirdly plaintive and somewhat threatening, and the backing singers provide a smoothness that is more Motown than Italo. What it comes down to, really, is that Bobby O's sound was re-done by countless Italians, mostly to lesser effect-- Orlando is truly one of the kings of this sound.

Bobby O- She Has A Way

Tomorrow, who the hell know? Carl Craig was here last night, so perhaps I'll give you a taste of some 2nd-Wave Detroit.

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