up in the air

Sorry about yesterday's non-post-- I got up at 5 in the morning and only got into my final destination (PHILLY!) around 10 pm, so I was a bit wiped out. Nonetheless, I spent two flights listening to Stars of the Lid and SF's Bvdub, whose Return to Tonglu CDR is among my favorite releases of the year. As the plane was passing over the Colorado Rockies, "Always on the Outside" came on my iPod, and its soothing synth tones that stretch for immaculate distances made the mountains below that much more beautiful. Against this ambient backdrop, punchy kicks and crisp hi-hats come in, along with wild vocal samples recalling organic, ethnic throatings and whispered dialects. It was a truly wonderful moment-- almost as good as listening to Rhythm & Sound's The Versions at the same point in an earlier trip-- that made the whole breathing-recirculated-air thing worth it.

Bvdub- Always on the Outside

Tomorrow, some new old.

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