now that's what i call fantasy

Hope you didn't buy anything today.

My friends, the boys of Teengirl Fantasy, have given me a new-ish track that they've been playing since this past spring, but which had yet to arrive in a recorded form that they liked. "Now That's What I Call Volume 2" is a slow-burner-- not too heavy on the kicks, but with a dusty bass-line, a carnivalesque main synth progression, and lush gauzy backing synths. The drum programming hisses and steams in near dub-step fashion, and the new addition of ethereal female orgasm noises makes the track's second part a real hot one. Awesome stuff from the Fantasy, as always.

Nick and Logan, as they are known to their familiars, have a new-ish remix of Telepathe out now on London's Merok, and the label is putting out a limited-edition 7" by the boys in mid-December. I would argue that they're the most interesting group that the label has put out, but this is neither the time nor place-- with one year as a group, Nick and Logan have already accomplished what takes some many years. Congratulations and good cheer all around!

Teengirl Fantasy- Now That's What I Call Volume 2

Tomorrow, some hot cool new something.

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