this man can kiss my grits

Because his products keep failing on me. Only six months after my MacBook Pro was in the shop for one month, an absolutely insane I/O error (which essentially means you are fucked) has wreaked havoc on my OS again. Get this: both this time and the last time this happened, it occurred RIGHT AFTER INSTALLING UPDATES. I treat my computer well, yet there is no end to the problems I've been having with it. So once again, I had to back up a veritable cornucopia of files and am now heading to the Apple store in downtown San Francisco. I'll keep updating the blog-- after all, my external HD is quite light-- but posts may be slightly sporadic.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Here's a track to get you moving.

Tom Browne- Thighs High (Grip Your Hips and Move)


Steve said...

For all the obsessive love lobbed at Apple products, few of the devotees are willing to cop to how unstable and prone to ridiculous, product-ruining problems their devices are. I don't care how good the warranty is, I'd rather have a good computer that doesn't randomly die on me.

Speaking truth to power!

Mathew said...

Tom Browne's Thighs High is at the same RPM as, and follows well with, I Level's "Give Me"