Today, a departure from beats for a bit of relaxation, a bit of organic warmth. A few weeks ago, after I had posted a track by Stars of the Lid, a former co-owner of Kranky Records contacted me about his new label (Flingco Sound System) and its newest release, by one Brendan Burke who goes under the name of Interbellum. The record, Over All of Spain the Sky is Clear, is punctuated by gorgeous string/piano harmonies, a halting sense of melancholy, and a dreaminess that can only come from long sustains on a cello. Samples gurgle slightly in the background, as if a conversation below the oft-unusual harmonies and open musical forms that Burke conjures. Quite a lovely record that sits nicely with Stars of the Lid and other 'slow' experimental forms, Interbellum's effort comes out on December 8, and is a highly-recommended slice of music for the coming winter months.

Indeed, it is simply recommended no matter the season; I especially can't get enough of the track below-- the swells are palpable, the tones so 'pure' that the listener finds it impossible not to close the eyes and drift with Burke's music-craft.

Interbellum- Moitessier Turns Back

To all of you celebrating, have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, a Black Friday treat from the boys of Teengirl Fantasy. Screw shopping, let's have a dance party!

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