i see you in my dreams

A few things: I haven't been posting that much for a couple of reasons, the most notable being that I'm doing some exciting writing projects. The other is that I've simply been listening to SO MUCH great music that I could reach my YSI quota in a day or two if I posted it all, and I want to save some space for my end-of-the-year round-up, coming in mid-December. (This year it will include Best Singles, Best Albums and Best Discoveries, the latter of which will involve some of the more esoteric stuff I occasionally post). So, ON WITH IT.

Today, I offer you another track by the astounding Norma Jean Bell, one of Detroit's finest r&b/house producers, a good friend of Kenny Dixon Jr., and a fantastic sax player to boot. "Dreams" (featuring Debbie Welch) is a Kenny Dixon-produced, 120-bpm number with some luscious synth work, some ungodly crisp drum programming, near-infrasonic bass rumbles, and some very fine vocals by Norma Jean and Ms. Welch. There's also the looped samples to mention: the mid-level, backwards warped pseudo-vocal bit forms the backbone of the track. Nobody can ever get enough Norma Jean Bell-- she is truly one of the most fabulous house ladies you'll ever come across. From her 2001 album, Come Into My Room.

Norma Jean Bell- Dreams (featuring Debbie Welch)

Tomorrow, it'll come at ya.

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