The mix is almost done-- features all sorts of sounds. But mostly some heavy soulful shit.

So, a new bit from Europe. There's been tons of debate about the nature of deep house recently, with two camps forming: the die-hard US nationalists and the more laissez-faire Europeans. (And some who aren't on either side). Though I lean towards the production aesthetics and musicianship displayed on US deep house releases, I also think it is a bit silly to diss The Continent unfairly. Why? Well, because of releases like this one:

Motor City Drum Ensemble is an alias of Danilo Plessow of Stuttgart, who keeps himself quite busy. Plessow's Detroit house worship is ever-present on these releases, from the label artwork to the sample-heavy tracks, the lush Rhodes synth sounds to the alias itself. One could play the 115-bpm track next to Theo or Omar or Kenny and it would make perfect sense, especially given the heavy kicks and chunky, near-smeared handclaps. So, roll down your windows and catch this joint.

Motor City Drum Ensemble- Raw Cut 3

The mix and another wild track tomorrow.

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