you like it

No apologies for my absence, just this: disco, drag queens, and a crazy apartment in Hunter's Point.

Today, I'm offering up a 1977 disco jam that seems to be rather rare, which I happened upon on vinyl many years ago in a Cleveland record shop. Southroad Connection only did a few singles, but "You Like It, We Love It" seems to be their ultimate accomplishment. With a destructively funky bass-line, string stabs that recall a more raw Philly sound, and the requisite bright horn section, "You Like It..." is a lost gem that deserves some more love. The group vocals have just enough reverb, and leave enough breathing room for the instrumentation to really burn the floor. Excellent stuff-- too bad the group was so short-lived.

Southroad Connection- You Like It, We Love It

And as a special treat, I'm going to point you towards a sick 1980 jam that DJ Bus Station John spun at the Tubesteak Connection this past Thursday-- Coffee's "I Wanna Be With You." As my friend Janine says, "I can't get over how good this song is." You won't be able to get over it, either.

Tomorrow, thinking some downtempo, perhaps. Or maybe a surprise?

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