Today, two treats since I've missed the past two days!

First up is an Arthur Baker-produced joint from 1983, the electro-synth classic from Freeez, "Pop Goes My Love." With a stupidly catchy Hi-NRG-style main riff, classic early drum machine sounds, backing electric piano lending some soul, and some leftfield hallucinogenic moments, "Pop Goes My Love" is an essential track for any lover of early electro and house music-- easy to imagine this being played in all manners of Chicago spots back in the day!

Freeez- Pop Goes My Love

The second track I'm offering up is a strange beast-- a Larry Levan bootleg mix of a 1976 Philly International classic, Jean Carn's "Free Love." Released on white label in 2004, this is apparently an original Paradise Garage remix/edit that Levan committed to tape. Quite something-- the track is stretched to SEVENTEEN MINUTES and becomes the closest to disco hypnotism I've ever heard. Seriously, if this were pumping in a club, I wouldn't be surprised if the dancers didn't realize it is so long, as I certainly didn't before I digitized it! A real crazy gem, I think-- recommended!

Jean Carn- Free Love (Larry Levan Live at the Paradise Garage Mix)

Tomorrow, thinking Detroit!

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