Today, a track from Common Factor, aka Nick Calingaert, who seems to have dropped from the scene completely after his last release in 2006. In 1998, Calingaert released his first EP on Carl Craig's Planet E label, and its second wave Detroit sound attracted many followers. "Will," perhaps the most complex track from that EP, is a 125-bpm monster, with a low humming bass-line, furious kicks, excellent secondary percussion elements, and several layers of harmonic intensity in both the mid- and hi-frequencies. Hypnotic in its splendid syncopation, the track has a stoned, dancing-by-myself quality that is hard to beat-- a real treasure of the late 90s, and most definitely a track from an artist whose work shouldn't be forgotten.

Common Factor- Will

Tomorrow, some new stuff for your ears!

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Anonymous said...

Ricardo Villalobos played this as his second to last track in fabric it sounded incredible from those giant speakers :)