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Sorry for the long absence! I started school on Tuesday, and I also have been afflicted with horrific cold/sinus issues for the past couple of days. I could hardly stand to look at computer, or go outside. Feeling better today, but am keeping it low so that I can catch Derrick Carter on Saturday! But because of my guilt over my lack of posts, I'm giving you three brand-new (some unreleased!) tracks today.

First, we have a joint from Cologne's Pawas. "Mac Dub" is a 121-bpm slice of lush dub-techno, with two long-delayed chords forming the backbone of the track. Secondary harmonies are slowly brought in with some subtle, synthesized marimba hits that seem to hide just under the surface of the track's other elements. The bass-line bounces up and down quite nicely, and the kicks are quite wet, but not overwhelming. High frequency percussive washes also play a big part in "Mac Dub," creating an oceanic feel that is inescapable. Great new stuff! Off the Mazo EP on Fear of Flying, due out in early October.

Pawas- Mac Dub

Next, we have a track from Birmingham's Subb-an, who has been making waves recently with a string of remixes and other tracks. "Mount Kilimanjaro" is the title track from his newest EP on Immigrant Industries, and man, is it something else! With deep kicks, a low bass-line, extraordinarily well-syncopated secondary percussive elements, and synth harmonies galore, the 126-bpm monster is dancefloor-ready. Punctuated by washed-out female vocal snippets along with whooshing horns (along with some horn stabs), the track has a sense of movement quite unlike many other recent techno bits-- the rhythmic structure of the track is complex enough to place it near gods liked Ricardo or Luciano. Wouldn't be surprised if they're rocking it in their sets, either! (Seriously, you should buy this release!)

Subb-an- Mount Kilimanjaro (removed by request)

Next up, one of the newest offerings from Omar S's FXHE imprint. Luke Hess has been doing great techno for years, and his newest is no exception. "Shalom Dub" has some seriously deep kicks, crisp hi-hats, and washy, delayed chords that bring BC-style minimal techno to mind. At 124-bpm, and containing hi-frequency stabs punctuating the beginnings of phrases along with washes that are almost Fluxion-like, "Shalom Dub" is an excellent piece of minimal dub techno that will prick up your ears. And you have no reason not to order it-- Omar sells his records for so cheap that you'd be stupid not to order this jam!

Luke Hess- Shalom Dub

Okay-- remember how I promised a Sasse track many moons ago? Well, it's coming to you tomorrow.

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