i'll tell you

So, Saturday's Manquake party, with the stylings of DJ Bus Station John, was an excellent time. And for the first time, he played a string of songs that I knew, and some of which i actually have on vinyl!

Perhaps the best of those that he played, though, was "I'll Tell You" by Sergio Mendes & Brasil '88. Yes, the king of Bossa and Latin Jazz made a truly fantastic disco album during the height of disco fever in 1978, called it Magic Lady, and never really followed up on the sound in a substantial way again. But "I'll Tell You" is one of the best disco tracks I can think of, with great synths, big fat hand-claps, funky guitar licks, a rollicking bass-line, and a chorus of females whose come-hither voices ooze sex. The main melodic line is formed by well-syncopated cowbell hits, and it will worm its way into your head after a single listen. Great stuff, highly recommended!

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '88- I'll Tell You

Tomorrow, something new!

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